The Dagger

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The Dagger is a perfect double edged tactical and self defense blade. It’s overall symmetrical design allows for a snug fit in its sheath both ways, and a traditional or reverse grip of the handle. The Rosewood handle option is carved with 1” contours improving the overall grip and comfort of the blade. The Charcoal Handle options is sanded to a smooth finish and both options come with a sleek copper liner. At 3/16” thick with 1” flat grinds, there is plenty of sharpening life on both blade edges. The dagger is made from CPM154 stainless steel, and finished in black Cerakote making it incredibly resistant to corrosion. Personalize your Dagger with a custom engraving and find the perfect carrying style with any of our 4 sheath mounting options. ALL BLADES COME WITH A CUSTOM KYDEX SHEATH.

Blades generally ship in 7-10 business days


Overall length: 9.5"

Blade length: 5.5"

Blade steel: cpm154

Handle: Carved Rosewood

             Smooth Charcoal 

Hardness: 59-61 Rockwell

Kydex sheath retention: 6-8 lbs

Leather sheath (optional): medium

Compatible with all 4 Kydex Sheath mounts.