Serpent S

Introducing the NEW Serpent S for the SOF Series! Dropping this Wednesday, March 20 at 5pm PST, the Serpent now features a Standard blade shape option.
Our dedication to quality and precision means your blade is BUILT TO ORDER. Please allow our small team ten-twelve business days to complete your fixed blade, and fifteen-twenty days for folding blades.

Introducing the NEW Serpent S for the SOF Series! The Serpent now features a Standard blade shape option.

In addition to updating this SOF Series blade with CPM M4 steel, we’ve also taken your feedback and put some R&D time into redesigning the scale patterns on the Serpent for better retention and grip in the most demanding environments. Every blade includes a DuoTone™ KYDEX® sheath, with easy retention adjustability and multiple friction offsets to eliminate blade rattle. The Serpent S will be available in the new SOCOM Black and Phantom Grey colorways.

Finally, to address the Anaconda in the room… To standardize our naming conventions for 2024, we’ve updated the Serpent to encompass both the Standard and Tanto blade shape options, hence the (sort of) new Serpent S in place of the old Anaconda.

Each Serpent S is proudly made entirely here in San Diego, CA by our skilled and talented Manufacturing Team.

Overall Length 8.25"
Blade Length 3.75"
Handle Length 4.5"
Handle Material G10
Steel CPM M4
Blade Thickness 0.1875"
Blade Hardness 59-61 Rockwell
Weight 6.7 oz

About this blade


These blades and tools have been developed for a tactical or military application, where gear real estate is valuable and overall weight is critical. If you're in need of a tough blade, sheath, tool, and mounting option that are always mission ready, then this is the designator to look for.


Blades and tools associated with this symbol are designed specifically for clandestine and concealable applications. Whether it's a night out on the town or a casual weekend with the family, this designation will ensure your blade is always carried out of sight.

Made in the USA
Every blade & tool is made right here in San Diego, CA
Veteran Owned
Founded & built by those who proudly served.
100% Made in the USA

SOF Series

The foundation of Toor Knives. The blades in the SOF series allow you to always be mission-ready. The tactical blades were designed for special operations forces in-mind, and they're relied upon by the world's elite operators to get the job done.

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Fixed blades are a superior choice for knife enthusiasts, featuring blades permanently affixed to the handle for unparalleled strength and durability. Whether for survival, outdoor adventures, or tactical operations, these knives excel in reliability and are trusted by professionals worldwide.