Toor Knives has been Product-Driven and Process-Focused since day one, and we stand behind every blade we’ve made since then with our Lifetime Warranty. If you believe your Toor Knives blade to be defective, we encourage you to read the following Lifetime Warranty Policy before contacting us to make a claim.

Toor Knives provides a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects and structural integrity. This warranty does not cover basic wear and tear, which includes, but is not limited to, corrosion, paint or coating scratches, and handle discoloration.

Structural integrity includes but is not limited to broken steel, chipped edges, broken tips, or snapped handles.

Manufacturing defects include but are not limited to improper coating, machining, grinding, or sharpening.

The Toor Knives Lifetime Warranty does not apply to any modification or self-repair including but not limited to improper sharpening, grinding modifications, or stripped hardware from using incorrect tools. We encourage all customers to contact us for warranty claims before attempting any repairs.

The Toor Knives Lifetime Warranty also applies to our Kydex sheaths, mounts, and hardware for up to 30 days from receiving the product upon providing a purchase receipt and date. Our sheath warranty is not transferable to products purchased second-hand.

If you believe your Toor Knives product has a manufacturing defect, please contact our Customer Service Department at You will be issued a Return Authorization Form and instructions to return the product for inspection and determination of the defect. Toor Knives will fix or replace any Toor Knives product that is determined to be defective. All approved warranty claims on discontinued Toor Knives models that are not repairable and no longer in inventory will be subject to a current model replacement with an equivalent design and value to the original pricing of the returned product.

Claims for manufacturing defects against product aesthetics will not be considered if the claim is made after the 7-day return policy or if the blade has been used.

If a knife is purchased from an authorized dealer, please provide a copy of your purchase receipt.

Toor Knives will not pay shipping charges for warranty returns unless the blade is determined to fall within our Lifetime Warranty after inspection. Toor Knives will refund shipping charges, fix or replace the product, and return the blade to you free of charge. We strive to continually improve the quality and durability of every Toor Knives product. Discontinued models received under warranty claim will not be subject to aesthetic scrutiny at the same control level as current models. Warranties for the structural integrity of these models will always be supported.

If the blade does not qualify for our Lifetime Warranty, we will still clean your blade and sheath, and contact you for return shipping costs. Toor Knives is not responsible for lost or misdelivered packages shipped to our facility under an approved Return Authorization.