26 Apr

Honoring the Heritage

      Hey Dudes, sorry for the lack in blog posting lately, things have been crazy here in the shop. As we continue to grow, our appreciation for this traditional craft grows, and every day we...

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02 Mar

Veteran Spotlight: Sangin Instruments Kenetic Watch

As many of you know, from receiving our knives, that they are tools. Yes, they are pretty attractive, but ultimately, we started producing knives so that my brother and I would have solid blades that...

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22 Feb

Loadout Room Reviews The Serpent

The good folks over at The Loadout Room were kind enough to write up a review on our new Serpent.  Checkout the review below: Toor Knives is another small American made brand, not many have...

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01 Feb

Who Are the Toor Brothers

Your average American suburban kids, raised on little league baseball and Sunday night cook outs... Twin brothers with a colorful imagination and the never-ending spirit to create. Born and raised in the beautiful city of...

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