Thermal Diffusion Technology (TDT) - Our TDT blade treatment process includes the molecular reorganization of the lattice structures in the steel, which is achieved through multiple oxygen-free thermal normalizing cycles and a controlled rate of diffusion in the steel. This is followed by a series of tempering procedures and a cryogenic freeze to harden the surface austenite, that ultimately relieves all of the natural stress in the steel, leaving you with a perfectly hardened blade.  
Dynamic Fluting- Our multiaxial handle carving process creates texture paths that flow seamlessly together and follow the natural positioning of the hand around the knife. This has enabled us to finally conquer the age-old task of providing both comfort AND grip on a blade.
FlexTech Sheaths- We precision mold all of our KYDEX® sheaths with retention adjustability to optimize your gear modularity, which allows you to use one sheath for multiple applications. Additionally, we use multiple friction offsets in the sheath to eliminate blade rattle.
MicraCoat- This series of proprietary thermal curing processes includes a multi-coat application that achieves maximum corrosion resistance and a minimal dimensional footprint. The result is fewer blade scratches, additional corrosion resistance, and a thinner surface coat.