When preparing for a hunting trip, choosing the right knife can be as critical as the hunt itself. A good hunting knife needs to be sturdy, reliable, and versatile enough to handle all the challenges of the outdoors. Below, we explore three top-tier knives designed for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts that we offer here at Toor Knives, each offering unique features and benefits.

As always we are proud to make every single piece right here in the USA and keep American manufacturing right here where it belongs! 

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Knives for Hunting

When it comes to selecting the perfect hunting knife, there are several key factors that you should take into account to ensure you make the right choice for your outdoor needs. A good hunting knife is not just a tool; it's an extension of the hunter. Here are the most crucial aspects to consider:

  1. Blade Shape and Size

    • Blade Shape: The shape of the blade affects its usefulness in different hunting tasks. Drop point blades are popular for their strong tip and versatile use, ideal for tasks like skinning and preparing game. Clip point blades offer a sharper and thinner tip, which is perfect for precision work.
    • Blade Size: The size of the blade should be suitable for the game you plan to hunt. Larger blades are better for bigger game due to their strength and larger cutting surface, while smaller blades are easier to handle and better suited for small game and detailed tasks.
  2. Blade Material

    • The material of the blade determines its strength, durability, and ease of sharpening. Common materials include stainless steel and carbon steel. Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it ideal for wet conditions, while carbon steel holds a sharper edge for longer but requires more maintenance to prevent rust.
  3. Handle Comfort and Material

    • A comfortable handle is crucial, as it affects the control and fatigue level during use. Handles come in a variety of materials including wood, rubber, and composite materials. Each has its own benefits: wood handles are durable and classic, rubber provides a good grip in wet conditions, and composites are durable and resistant to environmental factors.
  4. Weight and Portability

    • The weight of the knife should feel balanced in your hand. A heavier knife can be more durable and suitable for chopping, but a lighter knife is preferable for long treks and precision tasks. The choice depends on the type of hunting and personal preference.
  5. Additional Features

    • Look for additional features that might be useful in the field. For example, a gut hook, like the Merlin, can make it easier to open the abdomen of game without slicing into the intestines. Other knives may feature integrated fire starters or have a serrated edge on part of the blade for cutting through tougher materials.
  6. Sheath Quality

    • A good sheath not only protects the knife but also makes it easy to carry safely and accessibly. Look for sheaths that are sturdy and designed with safety features such as locking mechanisms or snap enclosures. Material can vary from leather, which is traditional and durable, to synthetic options, which are lightweight and resistant to environmental damage.
  7. Maintenance and Care

    • Finally, consider the maintenance required to keep the knife in optimal condition. Some materials may need regular oiling and sharpening. Consider how much time and effort you are willing to invest in maintaining your knife.

Choosing the right hunting knife is about balancing these factors to find the best fit for your specific needs and hunting style. Whether you're after big game in rugged terrain or small game in local woods, selecting the right knife will enhance your hunting efficiency and overall experience.

Our Top Picks: Hunting Knives

Field 2.0

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For those in search of a superior hunting knife specifically engineered for outdoor adventures, the Field 2.0 stands out as an exceptional choice. It is particularly well-suited for hunters, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts who require a robust knife for demanding tasks. The design of the Field 2.0 emphasizes functionality and durability without sacrificing quality, despite its reasonable price point.

The Field 2.0 is equipped with a drop point tip, ideal for bushcraft activities and hunting needs. The blade features a substantial belly designed for smooth and effective field dressing. Its edge includes a 2.75-inch straight section for meticulous detail work, and a razor-sharp 1.75-inch curved section near the tip for more conventional cutting tasks. This thoughtful configuration makes the knife adaptable for various hunting and outdoor activities.

Durability is a prominent attribute of the Field 2.0, with its KG Gunkote finish offering outstanding resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and impacts. The blade's geometry is crafted to preserve a significant amount of steel mass behind the cutting edge, ensuring prolonged sharpness and enhanced resistance to edge impacts. These qualities render the Field 2.0 a dependable hunting knife capable of enduring the challenges of outdoor use.

An additional benefit of this knife is its angled 90-degree spine, which runs from the tip to the thumb jimping. This feature increases the surface area available for tasks such as hammering and generating sparks with a ferro rod. These extra functionalities boost its utility as a versatile multi-purpose tool, making it especially valuable for hunting expeditions.

Field 3.0

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Designed for the adept hunter, the Field 3.0 emerges as a superb choice for those needing a compact yet powerful hunting knife tailored for the wilderness. Despite its modest 8.0-inch length, the Field 3.0 does not sacrifice functionality or durability, making it ideal for hunters who appreciate a more manageable and lightweight knife.

The sleek design of the Field 3.0 provides ultimate convenience for hunters who are conscious of the space and weight in their gear. While smaller than the bulkier Field 2.0, the Field 3.0 ensures strong performance across various hunting tasks. Its finely crafted pointed tip excels in precision tasks like detailed cutting or piercing, crucial for meticulous fieldwork.

Durability is a defining feature of this knife, thanks to its KG Gunkote coating, which shields the blade against abrasion, chemical damage, and physical impacts, ensuring it withstands the harsh conditions of outdoor hunting environments. The blade maintains a considerable amount of steel near its edge, boosting the longevity of its sharpness and enhancing its resistance to wear and tear, essential for enduring the demanding nature of hunting activities.


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The Merlin, a standout addition to the Signature Series from Toor Knives and Forloh, an American outdoor apparel brand, is specifically designed to meet the demands of hunters. This hunting knife is lightweight and packable, featuring a gut hook that is perfect for field dressing big game, making it an essential companion for your hunting trips.

Crafted to be ultra-lightweight at just under 1.8 oz, the Merlin is engineered for ease of carry and efficiency in the field. Its handle is skeletonized to cut down on weight and is wrapped with 48.0” of utility paracord, enhancing grip and utility without adding bulk. The blade itself is meticulously ground from edge to spine to maximize the cutting surface, crucial for handling a variety of tasks in the wilderness.

One of the Merlin's key features is its 0.375” gut hook, strategically shaped to slide effortlessly behind animal fur and enable quick and clean opening of the belly, streamlining the field dressing process. At an overall length of 8.25”, this knife is designed to be versatile enough to handle nearly any task required during hunting expeditions.

The Merlin is forged from CPM 154 steel by Crucible Industries, known for its exceptional corrosion resistance and ability to maintain a tough edge through rigorous use. This ensures that the knife remains durable and reliable under various environmental conditions.

Each Merlin is accompanied by a low-profile Black KYDEX® sheath, thoughtfully designed to keep the knife secure while minimizing its footprint, making it ideal for hunters looking to maintain a lightweight gear setup. Proudly crafted in San Diego, CA, by the expert Toor Knives Manufacturing Team, the Merlin is a testament to high-quality American craftsmanship tailored for the rigorous demands of hunting enthusiasts.

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