In collaboration with WETSU we built one of the most unique blades for the Airborne community to ever hit the market – the Overlord! Sheath and strap retention system included.
Our dedication to quality and precision means your blade is BUILT TO ORDER. Please allow our small team ten-twelve business days to complete your fixed blade, and fifteen-twenty days for folding blades.

The long-awaited Overlord is finally back! Say farewell to the era of misplaced and damaged jumpmaster knives. Crafted with precision for airborne operations, this knife is tailored to excel in all scenarios. Whether you find yourself free-falling from 35,000 feet or static lining from 1,000 feet, this blade is equipped to tackle any operation that comes its way.

With an overall length of 9.2" and blade length of 4.5", the Overlord is the standard for the airborne community. Featuring CPM 154 blade steel and tanto style tip, the Overlord is ideal for stabbing or prying. The razor-sharp fluted edge break is optimal for slicing or cutting through tough objects, while still allowing you to sharpen the entire blade.

Whether employed in cutting static lines for towed jumpers or utilizing the blade edge during ground operations, the fluted edge breaks on the blade prove to be an optimal addition to the Overlord, elevating the warfighter’s capabilities throughout all missions. The handle pays tribute to the traditional pigstickers seen on the battlefield over the past 100 years. Individual finger grooves are meticulously machined into the G10 to provide a slip-free grip with or without gloves.

The sheath and strap retention system anchors extremely tight and flush to the jumper's leg, making for an extremely smooth draw. Equipped with 1.5" mounting hardware and industrial neoprene infused elastic straps, this blade is ready for that ankle-breaking PLF. Once you’ve hit the ORP and have a little downtime, quickly switch your leg mount to a MOLLE Mount (not Included) to wear on your gear.

Each Overlord is proudly produced here in San Diego, CA by our skilled and talented manufacturing team and includes a FlexTech KYDEX® sheath and set of two Jump Straps with mounting hardware.

Overall Length 9.2"
Blade Length 4.5"
Handle Length 4.7"
Handle Material G10
Steel CPM 154
Blade Finish KG Gunkote
Blade Thickness 0.1875"
Blade Hardness 59-61 Rockwell
Weight 7.3 oz

About this blade


These blades and tools have been developed for a tactical or military application, where gear real estate is valuable and overall weight is critical. If you're in need of a tough blade, sheath, tool, and mounting option that are always mission ready, then this is the designator to look for.


From chopping brush for the campfire to cutting up your meal, these blades are your one-stop shop for universal adventure cutting tools. Blades with this designator represent all of our general-purpose, hard application edged steel.

Made in the USA
Every blade & tool is made right here in San Diego, CA
Veteran Owned
Founded & built by those who proudly served.
100% Made in the USA

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