DOTS Belt Clip


DOTS Belt Clip

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Similar to our Bladetech Industries Tek Lok Belt clip, the DOTS belt attachment offers the same mounting capabilities but without a locking safety. If you having a locking mechanism for your Belt clip attachment isn't crucial then the DOTS Mount is by far the way to go. Easier access to the release button and a user friendly adjustment bar makes this attachment a go to for outdoor enthusiasts and EDC options. 

The Ultimate Belt Attachment design allows the attached item to be carried in the vertical or horizontal position on belts and web gear. This attachment closes and snaps into place for a secured carry. 

The Ultimate Belt Attachment can be unlocked and removed by a one-handed spring closure release, and it has a built-in slide lock safety to secure the mounting to the belt.

The hole spacing features 3/4" inch centers and has a removable belt size adjustment bar that fits 2" inch belts down to 0.25" inch cords and webbing\