We have been at it 6 years now, here at Toor Knives, and we have had our fair share of ups and downs. More importantly, we have continued to push and stay true to our brand Values. Our 2020 goal was to bring our manufacturing process in house, here in san Diego, and we are well on our way. As we move forward, it is our priority to continue moving forward with 100% USA manufacturing. More importantly, we would like to share with you how we are accomplishing our goals. One machine shop, a full product line, all “Under the Flag”.

With approximately 30 incredibly talented Craftsman, Engineers, Machinists, and Bladesmiths, Toor Knives has come a long way since the days of hand grinding blades in my little U-Haul workshop. We have moved facilities 3 times during our growth and have landed in El Cajon, California, where we have been fortunate enough to industrialize and create many new positions for skilled workers. Our goal has always been to create as many U.S. manufacturing jobs as possible. I could not justify creating new skilled positions if I had not learned them myself. That is when I decided to take a few courses, at the local city college, in machine technology. I learned the basics of programming CNC machines to the operator level, where I could be coherent enough in developing a process that was scalable for the product demand; additionally being able to hire machine operators and slowly generate more US manufacturing jobs. To this day, this is still one of Toor Knives core values; creating U.S. jobs for skilled workers, all based around a remarkable product.

Just as important as the people who run the company, is the process behind the product. How the hell do you build a process that is more competitive and efficient, but also keeps the handmade aspect in mind? Well, you focus on the important details in a knife that matter. The tolerances between the handle scales and steel, the grind angles, and the sheath fitment, are all crucial details in knife making. There is no guide out there that can tell you exactly how to build a process because every company is DIFFERENT! We had to come up with a unique process that revolved around our craftsman’s skills. Our process became unlike no other knife company because the people who run that process are all different. We focused on things that were relevant and did not spend time or effort on the shit that wasn’t. We did it all under the one hanging flag in the machine shop. The symbolism behind “Under the Flag” is more than just the literal flag, but a remembrance of the those who answered the call. 12 of us here have worn a flag on missions and in battle, now we get to continue the support, by creating products for those still in the fight. Toor Knives is more than just some USA manufacturing job… We ACTUALLY live our core values and believe in them. No Bullshit behind the brand. 100% USA made. We believe in the product. PEOPLE ORIENTED, PROCESS FOCUSED, AND PRODUCT DRIVEN.

As I try and wrap this up with out going to crazy and motivational, I take myself back to where I saw this company going 5 years ago. It has always been important to me, and will remain important to me, to produce a quality product, here in our own building and create jobs for people. We are going to take as many customers of ours, along for the ride. It is my promise, to all of you, as we continue to scale our company and develop more incredible blades, we will continue to do it all under the flag….
August 25, 2020

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