Here at Toor, we first introduced what we called “The Serpent” back in 2017. It was a fixed blade ringed knife with a hand ground bevel, acid etch finish, and a glue-on handle in 6 color variations. We used steel pins to secure the handle and hand pressed a KYDEX® sheath around the blade.  

We were learning. 

Although “The Serpent” was an amazing knife, our desire was to make it even better. So, for the last three years we have really invested quite a bit of time to develop our internal process to refine that blade even more.  

In 2018 we offered our new Serpent with a handle material called Dymalux, which is a poly-laminate wood material similar to a skateboard deck. With Connor’s experience in the skate industry, and basically growing up in a skateboard manufacturing facility, he knew that this material was incredibly strong. With this knowledge, we were now able to machine in a zig-zag texture pattern for better grip and fasten the handle to the blade using stainless steel screws.  

Again, the result was another incredible blade, but we still wanted to improve it.  

At this point, our biggest setback were the screws. Everything we found out in the marketplace for handle screws were shit, in our opinion. We were looking for a small diameter button head screw, with a Torx driver, and thread strength of an 8-32 so there would be more steel engaging the screw post to ensure they would never strip. After quite a bit of frustration, we stopped searching and decided to develop our own Toor screw.  

For about 2 years now, we have been custom machining all our handle screws and it has vastly improved the overall strength of our 2018 Serpent, but we just weren’t done improving this blade yet. 

As 2019 came to a close, we made it our goal to dedicate the next 6 months to refining the blade bevel and re-address the shape and material of the handle, once again. We went back to the drawing board, re-shaped the handle and added a belly for a little bit more mass. From there, we refined the finish of the blade with key features like the thumb jimping on the spine, chamfered corners all around the ring and handle, and added a 120-degree false edge along the front spine.  

Additionally, we re-addressed a corrosion resistance issue from our 2018 model. We decided to stick with the incredibly tough cpm3v steel. Its toughness is due to the higher carbon level and lower alloys in the steel, so it is more susceptible to rust. It’s a bit of a give and take situation and we’ve decided to use KG Gunkote to offset the negative in the steel and seal all the blades. This results in you getting the toughest steel out there with 100% corrosion resistance.  

We also focused on the water resistance in the handle and decided to go with a G10 handle, as the multiple layers of laminated fiberglass, sealed by an epoxy resin, make it virtually indestructible. After using all these materials, and correcting a few design flaws, we felt we now had the best (and strongest) blade on the market. As an extra bonus, we custom-designed a diamondback handle texture pattern that suited the “Serpent” and added incredible grip to the knife, when wet. Finally, we finished it with one of our brand-new 2021 Flex-Tech KYDEX® sheaths with retention adjustability and friction offsets to reduce blade rattle.  

We did it, folks - our best blade is now EVEN BETTER!  

Everyone here at Toor Knives genuinely appreciates your patience and all the overwhelming support in getting us to this point – THANK YOU! 

This bad boy drops Thursday October 15th at 5pm PST, so BE READY!
October 14, 2020

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