By: Zero Morphine 


// L U L L A B Y


Unknown sentry. Don’t look behind you. That warm wet pressure is my gloved hand over your mouth, that sweet tickle, my beard softly touching the skin behind your ear. You’re deathly surprised. Panic. You’ve got forty two seconds. Your attention is immediately directed to the right side of your lower neck. That cold burn is the full five.five inches of vandal sliding into your upper trapezius. Severing all in its path, no distinction between good and evil, it’s matte indifference does only what I will it to do. Which presently, is merging onto the thick rubber highway of your superior vena cava. It snaps and violently fills deoxygenated blood into your thoracic cavity. Thirty seven seconds. Your chest feels heavy and warm. That’s the right atrium of your heart not getting its refill. You feel an impulse of terror, but you can’t see, you can’t breath. Your hypoxic drive kicks in and tries to help a crisis, you gasp for air. But all you inhale is moon dust covered suede. Twenty five seconds. Urgent struggle. It’s impossible to manage incoming data. That smell of cast iron wheat is your imagination with quick jabs of increased carbon dioxide. It’s okay. You’ve lost two and half liters of blood and not one drop has hit the deck. Twenty seconds now. Unable to stand on your own, you let me take your weight, freeing yourself in my arms. That feeling of relief is the inevitable void running down your thigh. It stinks of lactic acidosis integrated with fear but you’re oblivious to that. Eleven seconds. The brief fight you once had is long gone, your self preservation is currently conducting changeover with self existence. I see a slow drip, a tear exposes itself. Your dreams maybe? Give those to me. Don’t worry about your friends, they’ll be with you shortly. Six seconds. Rest in my arms, as I lay you down to sleep, enjoy the hot urine soaked dirt on your face as you take one last breath. Sentry, Look at me, don’t shut your eyes yet, look at me, these eyes... three... two... are the last you’ll see.


August 06, 2020

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