Hello all,  

We’re beyond stoked to announce that after almost 6 months of concept, design, engineering, and production, the new Kingpin has arrived! 

By using stronger materials, reducing overall weight, and thinning the profile, we’ve developed an entirely new purpose-built blade to add to the Toor Knives 2021 fixed blade line up. The overall process to produce the Kingpin proved to be challenging, but our skilled manufacturing team pulled it off! Initially offered in 2 colorways, Ranger Green and Shadow black, this blade comes standard with a cross weave paracord wrap, which is under 3/8” thick. 

What’s the backstory on this blade, you ask? 

In late 2020, we were approached by a team of Marine Snipers asking for a lighter and thinner profile blade that they could mount to the front of their plate carrier or their chest rig, but still remain flat and slim for comfort when they are lying in the prone for long periods of time. In the past, these Snipers would routinely remove handle scales from their blades in order to reduce the footprint and make it thinner. Then, they would add paracord in its place, because in a pinch, it could be used for other emergency situations.

So, it became our goal to develop a skeletonized, lightweight, low-profile duty knife with a paracord-wrapped handle that could also be used in other clandestine and concealable applications. Additionally, we designed the Kingpin with a tactical tanto blade (which is finished with razor sharp straight edges), and a little bit longer handle - so drawing the blade from the sheath when it is tucked behind gear would be much easier. We ground the blade out of extremely tough CPM 3v steel and gave it a durable KG GunKote application, so it can stand up to all elements. The durable KYDEX® sheath that is included has a minimal footprint and accepts all Toor Knives mounts. All in, the Kingpin weighs in at a little under 2.9 ounces - by far the lightest most ergonomic blade we have ever produced! 

The Kingpin will be available Tuesday, March 23 on our website and at any authorized Toor Knives dealers. 

All of us here in San Diego thank you guys for the continued support and for the opportunity to develop blades for our community!  

We are extremely excited to bring such a unique blade to the marketplace and can’t wait to see the Kingpin in action!  

Thanks again, 

March 22, 2021

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