Hey Guys!

We are here back at it and excited to announce the release of our brand new Krypteia JD35S! After months in the making, we have finally turned out our initial batch of these truly iconic blades.

As our first Jump/Dive knife, the JD35S provided us with a fair share of resistance in the development, but in true Toor Knives fashion we pulled double shifts, worked our asses off, and learned a few new tricks in the art of blade smithing!

Back in February of this year, we produced the updated 2021 Kryptiea and it soon became known as our number one heavy duty utility knife (which was our plan all along, by the way, haha!). The concept for the 2021 Krypteia was to blend the style of a Raider blade with the functionality and durability of our Raven blade (both previous models). What this left us with was truly a blade that could handle more than one specific task. We have always believed strongly in making our blades “purpose built” - all the way down to the specific steel or screw material for the job the blade was designed for.

With the Krypteia, we took on the daunting task of creating a blade that was a bit more universal. So naturally, this let us get creative with the fit and finish making it acceptable for various tasks from breaching doors to batoning wood, or even parachuting or diving.

The team sat down at the drawing board and highlighted a few key features that a “jump/dive” knife would need - like a serrated edge, a water-resistant handle, a corrosion safe steel coating, and a creative way to mount the sheath. After a few months of experimenting and ruining perfectly good blades all in the name of development… We were finally able to nail down a razor-sharp serration pattern and a KG Gunkote color that we really felt fit the knife.

The last step was the sheath kit. We wanted to make the tactical strap kit work with any of our blade sheaths, so we stuck with the same exact hole pattern for mounting. We had specific mounting loops made for the sheath that were the exact dimension of the straps to ensure all sheaths would line up and work with the kit. By placing the sheath on the inside of the straps using the custom loops, we now had an extremely durable and secure way of mounting the Krypteia JD35S to the operator’s leg.

It's strong, it's simple, it's effective, and we are sure glad we took our time on this one because it all came together flawlessly! 

Thank you all for the continued support and allowing us to continue leading the industry in new product development!

April 23, 2021

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