XT1 Charlie

The most noticeable update we’ve made is the modified drop point standard curved blade, which allows the Charlie to be an all-purpose knife.
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Charlie don’t surf, but he sure as hell carries an XT1! Introducing the Charlie, the latest variant of the XT1, which is our largest frame lock folding knife.

The most noticeable update we’ve made is the modified drop point, standard curved blade, which allows the Charlie to be an all-purpose knife. This, combined with our G10 Hybrid Handle not only makes it one of our most aesthetically pleasing blades, but also one of the most versatile. Make no mistake though, as like its predecessors, the Charlie maintains its XT1 origins as the ultimate heavy duty folding knife for tactical and field environments.

With an overall length of 8.0" and weight of 4.6 oz, the XT1 Charlie is a full-size folding knife that can tackle all the challenging tasks within military and outdoor sporting environments. Its hardened steel lockbar insert with overtravel stop reduces wear and tear on the blade lock interface. This helps maintain lock longevity and creates a much larger surface area engagement, mitigating all open and closed blade movement. The additional mass to the handle allows for a titanium billet milled clip to sit in a machined recess, completely improving the overall durability of the pocket clip.

Additionally, the full G10 backspacer greatly improves the rigidity of all the frame body screws and relieves the stress from traditional threaded standoffs. It’s finished with a large loop for safety cords and lanyards that also features jimping. The XT1’s modified drop point blade is 0.157" (5/32) thick, and its hand-ground bevel stands about 1.0" tall. The initial edge is left slightly thicker prior to sharpening, allowing for a much larger final edge and more mass. This critical feature allows for longer edge life, as well as a more user-friendly grind to resharpen in the field.

Each XT1 Charlie is proudly made entirely here in San Diego, CA by our skilled and talented manufacturing team.

Mechanism Frame Lock
Overall Length 8.0"
Blade Length 3.25"
Handle Length 4.75"
Blade Thickness 0.157"
Overall Thickness 0.6"
Weight 4.6 oz
Blade Hardness 58-61 Rockwell
Steel CPM S35VN
Handle Material
G10 and 6AL-4V Titanium
Backspacer Material G10
Hardware 6AL-4V Titanium
Screw Size Torx 8
Action Phosphor Bronze Washers
Lockbar Insert CPM S35VN
6AL-4V Titanium

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These blades and tools have been developed for a tactical or military application, where gear real estate is valuable and overall weight is critical. If you're in need of a tough blade, sheath, tool, and mounting option that are always mission ready, then this is the designator to look for.


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