Your average American suburban kids, raised on little league baseball and Sunday night cook outs... Twin brothers with a colorful imagination and the never-ending spirit to create. Born and raised in the beautiful city of San Diego, we were gratefully afforded opportunities that not everyone had. From the time we were in Junior High, our creative spirit lead us to tinker with our father's tools and the endless resources of the woodland terrain across from our home. Our first creations were Janky sling shots, bows and arrows and wooden spears made from scavenged tree limbs and cargo bungees. As we learned the mechanics behind basic tools and how they worked, we decided we were best suited for jobs that involved working with our hands. Like most hard-working Americans, we took our first jobs while in high school, working as shop hands at a local skateboard manufacturing company. We slowly began to sharpen our skill set on basic craftsmanship while also getting our feet wet in the business side of things. We used tools like CNC routers to cut pre-pressed skateboard decks, belt sanders to soften the squared edges on the freshly cut board, and strong epoxy adhesives to glue up the multiple layers of plywood within the skateboard deck. This was our first introduction to woodworking with epoxy, which is now the primary adhesive used to secure our handles to the blades.

Upon graduating high school, Connor enlisted in the Marines and Cameron enlisted in the Army. For the first time in our lives, we went our separate ways. Connor became a Scout Rifleman and Cameron became an Army Ranger. Our time apart was hard, but also gave us varying experiences and knowledge. As we were exposed to several different weapon systems, tools, gear, and knives, we noticed an apparent slack in the development of effective blades. Knives at this point were either mass produced cheap blades, or high-end expensive custom pieces. There was no in between. 

So with the knowledge and skill set we developed in both the military and skateboard manufacturing industry, we decided to design our first two practical application blades. These two blades were the first blades carried on our military gear. Though they weren't the prettiest knives out there, we had designed and built a tool that we were proud of and could test out with fellow teammates. Soon, two knives became four, and four became eight, and our product quickly gained popularity through the ranks of both of our units. Toor Knives as a knife making company had been born.

A company that was truly founded on the "veteran owned" principle. Our blades were in the hands of the man on the ground before being available for public purchase. Something Toor Knives will continue and always take pride in. Our priority is, and always will be, the man on the ground.

-Connor and Cameron Toor

February 01, 2017

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