A trusty knife is a must-have for many folks, including the team here at Toor Knives. When it comes to choosing a knife, a fixed-blade knife stands out as a solid choice. These knives are sturdy with a simple design – no tricky folding parts that might let you down when you need them most. Their toughness makes them ideal for outdoor adventures, everyday carry, and tactical use. We put together a list of our best fixed blade knives that we make right here in the USA.






What to consider when it comes to picking the best fixed blade knife.

When it comes to choosing the best fixed blade knife for your needs, there are several important factors to consider. To ensure that you make an informed decision, let's dive into what you should keep in mind:

  1. Blade Material: The type of steel used for the blade is crucial. Modern steels vary in terms of hardness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. Consider what matters most to you, whether it's a sharp edge that lasts, easy maintenance, or resistance to the elements.

  2. Blade Shape: Fixed blade knives come in various blade shapes, each designed for specific tasks. For example, a drop point is versatile and ideal for general use, while a tanto blade excels at piercing. Think about what you'll primarily use the knife for and choose a shape that suits your needs.

  3. Size and Weight: Fixed blades come in different sizes and weights. A larger knife may be more versatile for outdoor tasks but might be too bulky for everyday carry. Consider the balance between utility and portability.

  4. Handle Design: The handle of your fixed blade is where you'll be gripping the knife. It should be comfortable, offer a secure grip, and be made from a material that can withstand the elements.

  5. Sheath Quality: A good sheath is essential for safely carrying your fixed blade. It should provide secure retention, allow for easy access, and be durable. Some sheaths come with attachment options for various carrying styles.

  6. Intended Use: Consider where and how you plan to use the knife. Will it be primarily for outdoor adventures, self-defense, or general utility? Your intended use should influence your choice.

  7. Legal Considerations: Remember that knife laws can vary from place to place. Check the local regulations in your area to ensure your chosen knife is legal for everyday carry.

  8. Budget: Fixed blade knives come in a wide price range. Determine your budget and find a knife that offers the best balance of features and quality within your price range.

  9. Brand Reputation: Reputable brands often offer better quality and customer support. Research brands known for producing reliable fixed blade knives.

The Mullet

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Best for Multipurpose: Mullet

Crafted from tough CPM 154 steel, this exceptional fixed blade offers an innovative design. Its short swerve grind not only reinforces the tip but also minimizes resistance, making it exceptionally effective when dealing with challenging surfaces. With a total length of 8.5 inches, a weight of 7.5 ounces, and a blade thickness of 0.1875 inches, this fixed blade, known as the Mullet, expertly fills the gap in our collection. It sits right in the midsize category, slightly larger and heavier than our Krypteia model. The Mullet boasts ergonomic G10 or ebony handles adorned with the signature texture of Toor Knives, providing a secure and comfortable grip during use.

But that's not all - this blade comes prepared for modern challenges. If you ever find yourself locked out, the Mullet has your back. Introducing the Breacher Ball™, a 0.1875-inch tungsten carbide ball expertly integrated into the hardened tang of the Mullet. It excels at breaking through standard, tempered, and safety glass, making it the most comfortable and efficient breacher tool available.

Every Mullet is proudly handcrafted in sunny San Diego, CA, by our highly skilled and talented manufacturing team. To ensure its safety and convenience, each Mullet is accompanied by a FlexTech KYDEX® sheath. Whether you're an enthusiast or a professional, the Mullet is designed to meet your everyday carry needs with style and reliability for all scenarios.

The Field 3.0

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Best for Hunting: Field 3.0

When it comes to selecting the best fixed blade for hunting, look no further than the Field 3.0. With a modest length of just over 8.0 inches, the Field 3.0 stands slightly smaller than its predecessor, the Field 2.0. Its lightweight design makes it an excellent choice for hunting trips where every ounce counts, yet it's fully equipped to handle the demands of its larger counterparts. The key refinements in its design are most evident in its sleeker profile and, notably, the blade's pointed tip, making the Field 3.0 an ideal choice for efficient hide penetration.

The Field 3.0 showcases a blade finished with KG Gunkote, offering exceptional resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and impacts. Despite its slimmer profile, the blade shape maintains a substantial steel mass behind the edge, ensuring a longer sharpening life and enhanced resistance to impacts. The knife is available with HI-VIZ orange G10 scales featuring Toor's exclusive Dynamic Fluting™, while the Battleship Grey and Spanish Moss versions come with meticulously hand-fitted ebony scales in our signature outdoor pattern. The ebony wood is sourced from the Crelicam Ebony Mill in Cameroon, where a dedicated local workforce processes it. Each ebony handle is unique, giving every Field 3.0 blade a distinctive character. To ensure longevity, each ebony handle is individually processed by hand, meticulously finished with a high grit, and buffed.

The Field 3.0 is proudly manufactured in San Diego, CA, by our team of skilled and talented craftsmen. It comes with a genuine Hermann Oak saddle leather or FlexTech KYDEX® sheath, ensuring both style and functionality for your hunting adventures.

The Serpent

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Best for Tactical: Serpent

When it comes to choosing the best fixed blade for tactical use, the Serpent emerges as a top contender. If you value a compact and efficient addition to your gear, look no further. The Serpent's slimline FlexTech sheath is designed to minimize space requirements, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your setup. Featuring a 1.125-inch ring, it guarantees effortless draws, even when wearing gloves. The blade boasts a Tanto grind, resulting in two razor-sharp straight edges, and with a thickness of 0.1875 inches, it's robust enough to serve as a prying tool yet slim enough for precise cutting.

The Serpent's distinctive Diamondback textured handle offers a secure grip, even in wet conditions, while maintaining a comfortable and concealed profile against the body. Crafted from CPM3V steel with a Black Oxide finish and available with textured G10 or Ebony handles, this blade is engineered to withstand the harshest elements with minimal risk of corrosion.

Each Serpent is proudly Made in the USA and comes complete with a FlexTech KYDEX® sheath. This sheath allows for easy retention adjustability and features multiple friction offsets to eliminate blade rattle, ensuring your tactical needs are met with precision and reliability. When it's time to gear up for your next mission, trust the Serpent to be your tactical companion.

The Jank Shank

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Best for Budget: Jank Shank

When it comes to finding the perfect fixed blade for those on a budget, the Jank Shank takes the lead. Its frame is thoughtfully designed to complement the latest textured scale while maintaining a steel width of 0.1875 inches. This innovation, though slightly increasing its weight from the previous skeletonized version (from 2.4 ounces to 3.6 ounces), marks a significant breakthrough for individuals seeking top-notch performance in challenging scenarios. The newly patterned scales provide an enhanced grip, making the Jank Shank the ultimate choice for budget-friendly everyday carry, self-defense, and various other applications.

This American-made marvel isn't just any knife; it's a refined masterpiece built for versatility and durability. Whether you're navigating the great outdoors or tackling urban challenges, the Enhanced Jank Shank rises to the occasion.

Each Jank Shank includes a low-profile FlexTech KYDEX® sheath, meticulously designed to accommodate any of our five mounts. It's the perfect companion for your adventures, ensuring you have a dependable tool at your side, no matter where your journey leads. When budget constraints are a consideration, trust the Jank Shank to deliver quality and performance without breaking the bank.

The Krypteia

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Best for EDC: Krypteia

When it comes to selecting the best fixed blade for everyday carry (EDC), the Krypteia stands out as a top choice. With its concealable design and a low-profile KYDEX® sheath, this knife has a well-established reputation for versatility and personal protection. Whether it serves as a reliable tool for law enforcement professionals patrolling the streets or finds its place in the gear of a modern-day operator, the Krypteia consistently delivers peace of mind, making it a perennial favorite among our offerings.

In addition, this knife features a textured handle for a secure grip, a thumb ramp with jimping to facilitate reverse blade draw, and a lanyard hole for attaching retention cords. The blade is skillfully flat-ground, extending almost to the spine, ensuring a razor-sharp edge and extended sharpening life. When it comes to your everyday carry needs, the Krypteia has you covered, providing the perfect blend of concealability and performance.

November 02, 2023

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