In mid to late 2016 Connor Toor, with the help of some fellow veterans and outdoorsman, created the first ever Toor Knives Tomahawk. Forged out of solid 3/8 inch steel and stretching over 12.5 inches this thing was violent as all hell. A 7 inch head made chopping through pad locks and chains a breeze. When cutting firewood or brush, the slight curve on the face of the blade made for incredibly effortless swings; but we still wanted more. We wanted something smaller, lighter, and more practical for tactical application. So as the ball dropped in New York turning 2017 to 2018 Toor Knives was in the design phase of their latest tomahawk, the Gen 2.
Gen 1 Tomahawk
The Gen 1 Tomahawk
        The Gen 2 tomahawk is smaller, lighter and substantially faster. It is forged from 1/4 inch steel (1/8” thinner than g) and stretches just over 10.5 inches. The face of the blade is only 2 inches and the head stretches rearward 5.25 inches to a razor sharp point. Not only is the blade much lighter but it is also much more balanced making it a practical tool in combative situations.
The Gen 2 Wenge Tomahawk
     The Gen 2 is currently overseas being used and abused by numerous SOF Operators to test durability, practicality, and efficiency. We are very proud of the feedback we are receiving and even prouder to announce that this blade is officially for sale to the public. The Gen 2 is for sale on the website starting at $495. For the outdoorsman that are still interested in the Gen 1, custom orders can still be placed through direct email. The Toor Knives team appreciates all the support we are given on a daily bases and we will continue to push our craftsmanship to the limit.

March 23, 2018

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