As many of you guys know, Toor Knives takes a lot of pride in its relationships with other veteran owned businesses. One big reason for this is the amount of passion and dedication that is displayed throughout the veteran community. Well the company we are going to talk about today is a prime example of these traits. Devils Den Gun Works is a company in Georgia that specializes in the customization of firearms for both the novice shooter and experienced military operator.


    In 2015, I was introduced to a man named Chris Workman. At first impression I took him to be very ambitious and full of energy, but as we got closer, I realized that was just the tip of the iceberg. We spent months working side by side, only for me to learn something new about him everyday. An unparalleled wealth of knowledge, partnered with an extremely high level of lethality, made this man an expert on and off the battlefield. He introduced me to the sport of competitive shooting where, turns out, the guy is a nationally ranked shooter! And if his resume wasn't already fat enough, he had spent the last few years building his own business, in which him and a small group of friends dedicate all their free time to.

    What makes Devils Den Gun Works so good? Its simple, they view each firearm project as another chance to learn. Like a science project, they are dedicated to experimenting, finding, and testing the best parts on the market to insure these weapons meet the standards both CONUS and OCONUS. They also specialize in custom cerakoting. They can cerakote the Mona Lisa on anything from a 50. cal machine gun to your wife's sunglasses. Well that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you can check some of there cerakote work on their instagram, facebook, or website. Personally I have a bit of an unhealthy addiction to not only the guns they build, but the yeti products they cerakote. All you have to do is email them an image of what you want and the turn around is phenomenal.


    Devils Den is currently Running a raffle on a build they just finished and are selling raffle tickets for 50 bucks a pop. Chris said "Honestly probably the sickest rifle to leave the shop yet." for details on this project feel free to shoot them an email. The raffle isn't lasting much longer and they're only selling 100 tickets so get them while you can. Here is a couple pictures of it.


    For those of you wondering about out of state shipping, its pretty simple. If a weapon is registered to you, and you want to send it to them for some TLC, just box it up and ship it. If you are buying a firearm build from them (or in this case the auction rifle) it just has to be sent to a registered FFL. So to sum it all up, Devils den is 100% our choice for any cerakote or Firearms work. We will continue to support hard working veteran businesses like this to keep this community strong. I will attach their website and contact info below, along with their social media platforms. 




Instagram: @devilsdengunworks

Facebook: @Devils Den Gun Works


October 19, 2017

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