Knives serve as essential tools in various scenarios, and while a dependable pocket knife suffices for many everyday tasks in the modern world, certain endeavors demand more robust tools. Enter survival knives – these formidable, fixed-blade companions are designed to excel in durability and tackle larger challenges beyond the capabilities of your typical EDC knife.

This expansive category encompasses a wide spectrum of options in the knife market, prompting us to offer comprehensive guidance to assist you in refining your search. To start, it's crucial to contemplate how you intend to utilize a survival knife in practical situations. Whether your definition of "survival" leans towards self-defense or aligns with the needs of an outdoorsman seeking a robust blade for shelter construction and game processing, your choice will diverge accordingly.

Survival knives boast greater length, width, and thickness compared to a smaller everyday carry knife. While it may not be the ideal tool for delicate tasks, its larger dimensions render it exceptionally proficient for purposes such as chopping wood, cutting rope, breaking glass, and addressing any unforeseen challenges that may arise in genuine survival scenarios.

What to Consider When Choosing Survival Knives

When choosing a survival knife, it's essential to tailor your selection to your intended usage. Whether it's urban self-defense or wilderness survival, the knife's purpose should align with your needs. Assess the blade material carefully, opting for quality steel for long-lasting performance in demanding situations. Additionally, pay attention to handle ergonomics and grip comfort, as a secure and comfortable hold is vital for extended use in challenging environments.

Moreover, blade length plays a critical role. Longer blades provide enhanced cutting power and versatility, but they might be less practical for intricate tasks. Balance your preference for blade length with the tasks you expect to tackle.

Furthermore, consider the knife's tang – a full tang construction ensures durability and stability, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks like batoning wood or building shelters.

Lastly, don't overlook the sheath quality. A reliable sheath ensures safe storage and easy access to your survival knife when it's needed most.

Best Overall

The Egress

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Toor Knives Egress

Conceived out of an undeniable need for a dependable and versatile search and rescue blade, this knife has been crafted by a team steeped in military experience, encompassing Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) school, as well as first responder careers.

The Egress proudly showcases a CPM S35VN blade, thoughtfully selected for its exceptional durability and unwavering wear resistance. This steel assumes paramount importance in search and rescue scenarios, where the blade may be subjected to prolonged use in a variety of challenging conditions. With remarkable corrosion resistance, it thrives even in marine environments or situations that involve exposure to moisture. The blade, at 0.25-inch thick, exudes sturdiness and robustness, tackling heavy-duty cutting, prying tasks, and more. The addition of a new, larger 0.25-inch diameter tungsten carbide Breacher Ball™ on the pommel adds an extra layer of utility, making it ideal for breaking through tough materials during emergencies.

Best For Work

The Valor

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The Valor

The Valor is a purpose-built, meticulously crafted, and indispensable part of the essential gear used by frontline military personnel. Whether employed as a formidable weapon or a versatile cutting and prying tool, this blade has been engineered with today's warriors in mind.

Measuring an overall length of 10.875 inches and substantial blade thickness of 0.1875 inches, the Valor emerges as an exceptionally durable, effective, and versatile tool in the field. It weighs in at 9.3 ounces, ensuring it strikes the perfect balance between robustness and maneuverability. The Valor's design incorporates the innovative War Wedge™ breaker on the back of the knife, delivering blunt force capabilities for breaching and splitting tasks. The G10 handle is intricately carved in a 3D radial pattern, strategically creating a belly in the central portion to enhance grip stability and overall control.

The CPM 3V blade showcases precision engineering, featuring a Hybrid Fuller™ that not only reduces overall weight but also imparts symmetrical balance to the knife. The extra-high flat ground bevel seamlessly meets the swedge grind, leading to a reinforced tip, making it exceptionally versatile in various cutting scenarios. For added resilience, the blade is meticulously assembled with custom-turned hardware crafted from 303 stainless steel.

Complementing its outstanding design, the Valor comes complete with a fold-over FlexTech KYDEX® sheath, thoughtfully designed to accommodate all Toor Knives mounts. This combination of exceptional features makes the Valor the ultimate work survival knife, tailored specifically for the demands of modern warriors on the front lines.

Best for Budget

The Raven

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The Raven

The Raven, designed with budget-conscious survivalists in mind, proves that affordability doesn't have to come at the expense of quality or functionality. This knife boasts a 5.5-inch blade, specially ground with an extra-high bevel to extend its sharpening life while reducing weight, ensuring a perfect blade-to-handle balance that fits comfortably in hand.

A standout feature of the Raven is the harpoon false edge adorning the top of the blade, featuring precise 45° grinds that seamlessly transition to the tip. Its reverse grip handle, an original innovation, includes a rear finger groove and pommel jimping, enhancing both grip and control. The signature feather-textured handles, adorned with fluted grooves, not only provide superior comfort and grip but also contribute to its iconic aesthetic.

The Raven takes a bold step forward with the inclusion of a tungsten carbide Breacher Ball™ on the pommel. This innovation delivers the same effective glass-breaking capabilities while offering a more minimal and comfortable option for the knife's rear end. In this latest model, nearly 40% of the carbide ball is exposed from the pommel, ensuring maximum breaking ability. The 0.1875-inch Breacher Ball™ is press-fit into the hardened tang of the knife, securely held in place by each handle scale on either side. This design stands out as the most comfortable and effective breacher on the market, and its effectiveness extends to standard, tempered, and safety glass – a testament to its versatility.

The Raven redefines budget-friendly survival knives by incorporating premium features without compromising on performance. It's a reliable companion for those who seek value without compromise in their gear.

Best Survival Axe

The Tomahawk

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Toor Knives Tomahawk

The Toor Knives Tomahawk emerges as the pinnacle of belt-mounted breaching tools, designed to meet the most demanding survival and tactical needs. This full-size Tomahawk has been ingeniously engineered to concentrate most of its weight in the head, significantly increasing impact force when swung.

At the blade end, the Tomahawk features a tapered flat grind, serving two essential purposes: reducing weight and allowing for the achievement of a razor-sharp edge. On the opposite end, the point of the blade acts as an invaluable breach and prying tool, ready to tackle a wide array of challenging tasks. What sets it apart is the curvature on the top of the blade, which enhances its prying capabilities, functioning as a lever for increased leverage.

The double recurve handle of this Tomahawk stands as a testament to both comfort and versatility. It allows for secure and comfortable gripping not only at the bottom of the Tomahawk but also near the head, providing adaptability in various situations. Adorned with Toor Knives' signature textured G10, it offers a superior grip, even in the most demanding conditions. The Black Oxide blade finish not only adds to its rugged aesthetics but also enhances corrosion resistance.

October 04, 2023