Hello all,

After almost seven months of development and production, we are very proud to announce the launch of our brand new 2021 Jank Shank! We are offering it in three different colorways, Black, Stone, and Teal, and man, is this thing SWEET! Internally, our feeling is that we not only nailed this one, but that the 2021 Jank Shank may actually be our best EDC tactical concealable blade, yet!

Our motivation for taking this concept to the drawing board was the desire to tweak the current Jank Shank in a few different ways.

First, we wanted to make the handle a full four-finger handle which added an additional ¾” to the previous Jank Shank models. This was not easy as we didn’t want to create such a large blade that it could no longer be concealed. We added a belly and rounded all the corners to ensure that we could make the handle length as short as possible, but still comfortably fit all four fingers. Only problem was when we wrapped it in paracord like the previous model of Jank Shank, the handle was too thick and would ‘print’ when concealed.  

Again, we went back to the drawing board. 

Our next decision was to have the blade remain all steel, with no handle material, while simultaneously bumping the thickness of the steel all the way up to ¼” to allow for more mass in the handle without having to add any paracord or additional material, under-hand. This immediately solved the problem of concealability and would allow the blade to essentially disappear inside the waistband (while still being extremely comfortable, no less!).  

However, with a full tang blade in ¼” steel, it was incredibly heavy!

At that point, we decided to put in the extra manufacturing time and skeletonize the blade to substantially reduce the overall weight of the knife, and we were left with the perfect every day carry concealable blade! It was now thick enough for a comfortable grip, long enough for all four fingers, and light enough to be clipped on to running shorts or joggers.  

When the dust finally settled, our team knew this blade was not only meeting all the criteria it was intended for, but was also one of the coolest knives we have ever designed and built right here in San Diego!  

In summary, the 2021 Jank Shank is a lethal design, sharp as hell, and the ultimate every day carry blade!  

As always, the entire team here at Toor Knives thanks you for your continued support! 


2021 Jank Shank Specs:  

- Overall Length: 7.0"  

- Blade Length: 3.0"  

- Handle Length: 4.0"  

- Steel: CPM s35vn  

- Blade Thickness: 0.25"  

- Blade Hardness: 59-61 Rockwell

- Weight: 2.4oz

January 12, 2021

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