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Weighing in at a whopping 2.2 oz, this extension of the hand is the perfect tool during the COVID-19 global pandemic. When it comes to things like elevator or ATM buttons, door handles and locks, or so many other surfaces, which you will likely have to come into regular contact with, the number of germs can’t be fathomed. Made from brass and copper, the Rona Ring has the natural antimicrobial properties needed for added protection and standoff during these current circumstances. Made to last, this tool has the strength to handle the human force needed to open doors. Other companies advertise similar products that are touch screen compatible and just like the others, the Rona Ring is compatible with touch screens but only under the “right” conditions. Make sure you are up to date with the protection needed in a changing world.


Though the ergonomic fit might provide additional uses for the Rona Ring, this tool was made strictly for the use of protection from germs, on surfaces in everyday use. NOT A WEAPON.

Though this was not designed as a stylist, optimal surface to surface contact is required for best results.



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