The Krypteia


The Krypteia

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Krypteia were a kind of secret police and state security force organized by the ruling classes of Sparta. Some believe they were the young predecessors to Spartan warriors. The Krypteia blade is exactly that. A concealable blade, and low profile kydex sheath, that can be taken from a policing tool on the streets, to the gear of a modern day operator. Fitted with your choice of either a textured Cocobolo style handle or textured Charcoal style handle. The rear of the handle includes a thumb ramp with gimping for reverse drawing the blade, and a lanyard hole for retention cords. The blade is flat ground almost all the way to the spine for a razor edge and increased sharpening life. Every Krypteia includes a black tru-hide kydex sheath compatible with any of our 5 sheath mounts.

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Overall length: 8"

Blade length: 4"

Handle material: Charcoal / Cocobolo       

Steel: cpm154

Thickness 5/32"

Hardness: 60 Rockwell