Our Story

Our Beginning


We are two brothers who began by building a forge in our backyard and crafting blades as a hobby. We had always been very particular about the knives we used, and could never quite find a design we were looking for.

In time, just as playing soldier in the woods grew into a calling for us both—Cameron became an Army Ranger, Connor a Marine Scout Rifleman—so too did our youthful fascination with blades develop into a serious obsession with knife-making. We grew frustrated seeing teammates wear premium gear and carry customized weapons but rely on a mass-produced knife that was unfit for our mission-specific tasks. This led us to tinker. Our first designs came from improving military-issued and store-bought tactical knives we had accumulated over the years.

But altering these mass-produced knives only took us so far. So we broke free of simply altering existing market knives, and decided to develop designs from scratch to meet all demands of our job. We mined our own experiences and pooled the wisdom of teammates to develop a list of everything we felt a tactical knife needed to be—and began forging.

“They are, like the operators themselves who use them, both hand-selected and forged by fire.“

The first few weren’t pretty. But after banging on pieces of steel for days, and accumulating a heap of scrapped designs, we came up with a family of blades that fit the needs of airborne operations, diving, close-quarters battle, law enforcement, and scouting and patrolling related missions.

In time, as we started carrying our blades on our own gear, people began to take notice. What started as single creations for buddies and teammates soon grew to hundreds of orders a month, shipped out to special operators around the world.

Like the operators whom we designed them for, our knives are the product of an unforgiving selection process: the blades we offer are the designs left standing after repeated field tests, real-world use, and constant fine-tuning. They are, like the operators themselves who use them, both hand-selected and forged by fire.


Our Process


At some point during long evenings lit by the glow of our forge and quiet midnight hours spent carving handles, we became obsessed with perfectly crafting a handle and strategically shaping a blade. That obsession defines every step of our process.

Before it arrives in your hands, each knife begins as a large sheet of stainless or high carbon steel that we source from a mill in Illinois. We then use a CNC waterjet to cut out knife blanks to serve your mission specifics: the Raven, a versatile and rugged long blade; the concealable yet aggressive Serpent; the Raider, a blade of simple, lethal curves; the Vandal, a tactical belt knife; and the sleek, angular Tanto.

We carefully hand-grind each blank on a belt grinder and fire it in a kiln at 1650 degrees fahrenheit. It is then quenched into heated oil transforming what was a soft piece of steel into a hard battle ready blade.

“Clean but filthy. Polished yet salty. Experimental but reliable.”

We mount each blade into a truly distinct handle, and craft a Kydex sheath designed specifically for your knife, guaranteeing it will be in your hands when you need it. With virtually endless options, we have narrowed our SOF Series blades down to 6 strong practical yet beautiful handle options Maroon G10, Black and Green G10, Carbon Fiber, Burl, Wenge, and Ironwood. The handles that adorn each blade give Toor Knives their distinctive look, a style that fits the operators who carry them and reflects the special operations ethos: Clean but filthy. Polished yet salty. Experimental but reliable. Carry a Toor Knife, and you have a beautiful handle visible above the sheath, an exacting, lethal blade hidden within.

Finally, we finish each blade with personalized engravings. Millennia ago, Hephaestus forged a great shield for the warrior Achilles to carry onto the beaches of Troy; on it, he carved an ornate world, with scenes of war and peace, marriages and battles, harvests and street fights. The closer you looked, the more the scenes he forged seemed to come alive. We view our engravings the same way: each motto, each insignia, each name inscribed onto our knives represents a history, a community, a story. They are mottos that bind together a quiet brotherhood. Unit insignia whose history your knife honors, and might soon be part of. The name of a brother lost to the fight whose memory reminds you to live the full life he could not. Each time, as our bezel carves steel, we are reminded of the lineage of service that these blades emerged from, and are crafted to support.


Our Promise


At no time are we more aware of our promise to you than when making these final engravings. They are the culmination of a process that is guided constantly by a lesson we learned from working in the special operations community: attention to detail with everything we do. We know the smallest imperfection can mean the difference between life and death. We take absolute pride in ensuring nothing but lethal perfection leaves our shop. Your life depends on your blade, so we guarantee our blades for life.

“Your life depends on your blade, so we guarantee our blades for life.”