What’s up TK militia!  

We’re happy to say we’ve got another killer Limited-Edition blade for you this month, and this one is making us feel nostalgic! Instead of a ‘standard’ Limited-Edition knife, we really wanted to do something special for all of you who have been asking for our original Anaconda. So, we are throwing it back to the ORIGINAL carved texture pattern from the Anaconda and making it in one of the first blade colorways we ever offered! 

While we’ve spent the last two years dedicating quite a bit of our time and capacity to developing the technology and design of all of our blades, we have continually been asked about some of our original knives. This really got me thinking that I wanted to bring back an OG blade color combo for all of our supporters – the ones who have been with us from the beginning, as well as the ones who have just discovered us. With all of the progress we have made over the last 2 years, it is pretty insane to throw it back to a previous design and see how far we have come in regards to manufacturing tolerance and quality. It has been a massive eye opener for us and I'm extremely glad we could reintroduce such an iconic colorway on one of our first ringed blades, the Anaconda! 

Our original motivation for designing the Anaconda in 2019 was our desire to offer a complimentary knife to the Serpent, but with a different blade shape. We were looking for a more standard curved blade, so on the first batch we literally hand-ground the tanto angle off of a few Serpents and then took them to the belt grinder, to grind the new curved bevel. The second we saw it, we knew we had a hit and that's when we decided to offer it in limited numbers with the original black carved handles, OD green blade, and black multi-cam sheath.  

 That original Anaconda turned out to be one of our most successful launches to date, primarily because of the immense demand for the carved handles. That pattern alone became a ‘signature’ within our handles and was truly one of the first textures we brought to the market. Since then, we have repeatedly been asked if we could either make the original carved handle scales available separately for current Anacondas and Serpents, or if we could produce another batch of blades that featured them.

 Pictured Below: Limited Edition Anaconda (top), Original Anaconda (bottom)

So, we dedicated this month's limited-edition batch of blades to this throwback design and man did they turn out badass! The quality is unmatched and the transition to G10 handle scales brings an improved level of water resistance to the handle. The sheath (included) is designed with our new retention adjustability screws as well as suede inserts for the blade to reduce scratching. This blade is a throwback Anaconda but on STEROIDS.  

For all of you who have been waiting, thank you so much for your patience! This is a very limited batch and we do not currently have plans for another so please don't miss out! 


July 28, 2021

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