Hey Dudes, sorry for the lack in blog posting lately, things have been crazy here in the shop. As we continue to grow, our appreciation for this traditional craft grows, and every day we work hard to pay homage to the history and heritage of bladesmithing. We are driven by the idea of bringing back this lost art. There are not many trades that can be traced back as far as knife making, and this is because there has always been one purpose or another for a good sharp tool. Our primitive instincts to fight have fueled innovation to develop effective tools to gain an upper hand. As one contender grows strong, the other must grow stronger. As one develops skills, tactics, and weapons, so must the other. This is the art of adaptation and natural selection. Like a malleable piece of clay, constant adjusting to its surroundings and enemies alike. 


     Some of the first weapons ever recorded didn't exactly fall under the category of just a weapon, but instead more of an every day tool. Built from dried out sticks and dull rounded stones, these things were used for everything from hunting  and fighting, to trimming and cooking. Engaged in violence only when provoked, a calling for a more aggressive efficient means of protection was only a matter of time. Story has it that some of the first ever blades were made of  materials as simple as bone and wood. Wrapped with twine or just left bare, this simple apparatus was revolutionary. Ripping through the warm flesh of a soon to be filling meal or protecting oneself from nearby competition, it became clear to our primal ancestors that they had engineered an ageless device. 



     Fast forward to what seems like millions of years, to an era of incredibly destructive weapons of war, cars that practically drive themselves, devices that chop, blend, stir, cook and feed you your food, toilets that clean your ass, and power tools that turn a 3 day job into a matter of hours. What is one thing we all still have in our kitchen, something laying in the old tool box, inside the car for a sticky situation, hiding behind the fishing tackle, under your pillow, or most importantly down range with Americas finest? A blade... A simple but incredibly engineered instrument that will be around as long as man is. Something that has always been there for us throughout everyday life.


     As the human race progresses day by day, so do its tasks and tools. What may have been used thousands of years ago to break grain is still used today to cut open MRE's. Something used to trim, grow, and harvest crops can now be seen trimming the hedges behind a white picket fence. A source of protection in the thickest bloodiest battles holds its integrity to this day at the foot of our most hated enemies. The true definition of an ageless creation with the ability to conform to the ever changing task at hand. A piece of clay always ready to mold to the surroundings in which it lay. Something that has lasted thousands of years before you, and will last thousands of years after you. Investing in a device you know you'll not only use forever, but will last you just as long, seems too obvious. This is why we spend so much time crafting each blade. The blade is a tool that will last forever. This is something you can pass down as a family heirloom, so your son can skin his first deer. A weapon that has been carried in multiple wars that your grandson can continue to wear as he carry's on a military legacy.



    We promise to continue putting the highest attention to detail in all of our blades, and like always, we promise to put our active duty and deploying troops first. Thank you all for the support and allowing us to continue honoring the heritage of bladesmithing.


Written by

Cameron Toor

April 26, 2017

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