From the pits of hell rises the most face-melting blades your ignoble eyes have ever seen, known to ye mortals as The Heavy Metal Collection!

The Toor machine keeps turning with a brand new, limited edition collection featuring the Tomahawk, Krypteia S and Jank Shank W. Nothing screams Seek & Destroy like Black, Red and Gold, so we’ve bathed each blade in a Midnight Black KG Gunkote finish, providing supreme abrasion, chemical and impact resistance in nightmare conditions. Additionally, each handle is adorned in robes of Carbon Fiber & Sanguis Red G10, with Brass finishing. Lastly, each blade is heedfully cloaked in a custom Black & Blood Red KYDEX® sheath.

For the Heavy Metal Collection, we’ve called down the thunder with M4 blade steel on the Krypteia S and Jank Shank W, built to take an absolute thrashing. The Tomahawk features D2 axe steel for wear resistance and continued beatings when the end is nigh. These blades are as functional as they are badass, and nothing else matters.

Each Limited Edition Heavy Metal Collection blade features our custom Mark of the Beast engraving and Serial Number of the Beast to seal this most hallowed deal. It’s 2 minutes to midnight, so heed the omens and get your hands on the Heavy Metal Collection before it falls to dust.

February 16, 2024

10% Off - Military & First Responder