In a marketplace saturated with exorbitantly priced knives boasting long production times, Connor Toor took matters into his own hands in 2014. With a vision to manufacture hard-use blades and build an American made knife company, Toor Knives was born. Connor's journey began in his backyard, where he built a forge and started crafting blades with nothing but a hammer and anvil.

The Beginnings

toor Knives

His inspiration stemmed from a frustration shared by his Marine Corps teammates who had to rely on mass-produced knives unsuitable for mission-specific tasks. Toor started refining store-bought and military-issued tactical knives, eventually developing designs that met the demands of his Marine Corps duties. Drawing from personal experiences, insights from teammates, and his Army Ranger brother, he crafted a list of essential features for a tactical knife.

While the first few blades may not have been aesthetically pleasing, they marked the beginning of a family of quality knives catering to operators and gear enthusiasts worldwide. Despite facing inevitable ups and downs in the business world, Toor Knives has grown into a team of over 30 skilled craftsmen, engineers, machinists, and bladesmiths, all headquartered in Connor's hometown of San Diego, CA.

American Made Knives

From the outset, Connor's goal was to create American based jobs, and the company has been successful in industrializing its operations, leading to the establishment of an exceptionally skilled staff. The uniqueness of Toor Knives lies not only in its products but also in the manufacturing team's skills. The company is deeply committed to being people-oriented, process-focused, and product-driven.

Underpinning the entire operation is the symbolism of American made knives, it’s been part of the plan since the beginning and one of the companies top priorities. A significant portion of Toor Knives' team comprises veterans, honoring a commitment of continual service and taking immense pride in crafting blades for the world's most elite operators. For many employees, the flag is a reminder of missions in battle, and now, through their work at Toor Knives, they continue to contribute to the fight by creating products for those still in service.

Toor Knives isn't just a brand; it's a testament to American craftsmanship, a commitment to quality, and a dedication to those who serve. Each blade forged tells a story of precision, passion, and the relentless pursuit of building an American made knife company.

January 05, 2024

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