FrogLube® Extreme Spray

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This 1-ounce Extreme Spray works like the Solvent Spray, but is formulated to be used in every type of climate from -40 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.  This spray was developed to allow professionals to transition from sub-zero conditions through high temperatures, without interruption.                                                                                                              

Use this all-natural, non-toxic spray to clean and degrease your blade before applying FrogLube® Paste.

Application Instructions:

  1. Clean by spraying, pouring or immersing the cleaner throughout the knife blade, handle and action
  2. Remove fouling by scrubbing and wiping the desired areas with a lint-free cloth
  3. Wipe the blade dry and inspect for any moisture.
  4. Ensure blade is dry before applying FrogLube® Paste.


"Your life depends on your blade, so we guarantee our blades for life."


Awesome product and bad ass quality!!! Thank You!!

Justin D.

This, along with all Toor blades, are some of the best knives I've ever handled! And they're sexy as hell which is a huge bonus!