Field 1.0 - Ebony
Field 1.0 - Ebony
Field 1.0 - Ebony
Field 1.0 - Ebony
Field 1.0 - Ebony
Field 1.0 - Ebony
Field 1.0 - Ebony
Field 1.0 - Ebony

Field 1.0 - Ebony

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We’ve always operated with the goal of building quality blades that can be handed down from one generation to the next, using premium, natural and durable materials.  Known as the “Ultimate Outdoor Companion,” the Field 1.0 has an overall length of 11.0” and is made from CPM 154 steel. This special version features an ebony handle.

Making this knife even more special is the fact we secured the ebony from our neighbors here in East County, San Diego – Taylor Guitars! The Taylor team were gracious enough to share some insight into their use of ebony in their manufacturing process, along with everything that happens behind the scenes to source it and their efforts to start a scalable ebony replanting program.

The conversation evolved into us acquiring a small amount of ebony from Taylor and we’ve now released a few small batches of different knives that feature this incredibly dependable material, which also has a rich heritage in the music world – now including this unique Field 1.0.

We individually process every ebony handle by hand and finish it with an extremely high grit and buff to ensure the wood will last a lifetime. Each piece of ebony is unique, meaning each one of these blades has the potential to be different and stand alone.

The Field 1.0 was born from our desire to create a backpack knife that could tackle any heavy blade task. Ideal for chopping brush, splitting firewood, or preparing the campsite feast, this knife is the ultimate outdoor companion!

This blade shape allows for more steel mass behind the edge, which translates to a longer sharpening life and edge impact resistance. Additionally, we’ve added a perfect 90-degree spine from the tip all the way to the thumb jimping, allowing for more surface area, when hammering.

Every handle is lined with a polished copper accent, as well as our proprietary multiaxial Dynamic Fluting™ texturing pattern, which provides smooth ergonomics in the hand and improves grip. This handle design flows perfectly with the hand’s natural positioning and concentrates all the pressure onto the apex of the blade’s edge.

Every Field 1.0 is Made in the USA and includes a genuine Hermann Oak saddle leather sheath, which is compatible with any of our sheath mounts.

Overall Length 11.0"
Blade Length 6.0"
Handle Length 5.0"
Handle Material Ebony
Liner 0.035" Copper
Steel CPM 154
Blade Thickness 0.1875"
Blade Hardness 59-61 Rockwell
Weight 10.5 oz


"Your life depends on your blade, so we guarantee our blades for life."