The Tomahawk


The Tomahawk

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Designed with Army Ranger Regiment to act as a heavy duty breaching tool. The blade end of the tomahawk has a tapered flat grind to reduce weight and allow for a razor-sharp edge. The point on the rear end of the blade acts as a breach and prying tool. The curved top of the blade helps when prying by acting as a rocker for leverage. The tomahawk is designed to carry most of its weight in the head to increase impact force when it is swung. The double recurve handle allows for comfortable gripping at the bottom of the handle as well as at the top of the blade near the head. The steel used for this blade is a high carbon steel with a little bit softer of a heat treat to ensure the blade won’t chip on impact. The tomahawk is coated in Black Cerakote Elite, the newest version of Cerakote. It is thinner, harder, and more abrasion resistant than the standard Cerakote h-series. Every single Tomahawk is individually serialized.

Blades generally ship in 10-12 business days


Overall length 12.75”
Blade head length 7”
Handle length 10.5”
Thickness 3/8”
Steel 80crv2
Hardness 57-59 Rockwell.

ALL BLADES INCLUDE A BLACK KYDEX SHEATH. The Tomahawk's sheath comes fitted with its own Tek Lok, so no additional mount is required.