Thoughts from a former Marine.


Using the term aftermath seems like we are getting ahead of ourselves? The masses seem like they are still in the stage of denial of the changes that will forever be present. There has been a change in how, we as citizens, start to question the stances that once defined us, some of which are an all too familiar thing. There are several questions I find myself asking; Where is the economy going and will it be able to recover? How are we preparing for the inevitable increase in unemployment? How are we, as a country, preparing to handle this situation when it comes again? Does the government have the people’s best interest in mind? Asking questions like these provides opportunity to open dialog for critical thinking, however, the trust needed to effectively reach a productive conversation is jaded by emotion.

Some of the outcomes due to COVID-19 can be perceived as positive, depending on the individual. In the business community, they are allowing people to continue to stay home and work rather than working in a standard commercial building. Mothers and fathers are present for new relationship bonds in the pivotal moments with newborns. People are taking the time to educate themselves and learn a new skill to make them more compatible in the workforce. However, I believe there has been a shift in how the American people prepare for survival in an unknown emergency, but was it for the better?

There are somethings that we can take away from this situation as we continue to move forward towards complete freedom. Find a way to prioritize your needs before wants, in order to avoid situations of desperation. Try to find enjoyment with the increased time that you have been given willingly or unwillingly. And be open and willing to have the tough conversations, regardless of your stance, to have a better understanding of other people and reach a common goal.

The COVID-19 virus, that has changed the lives of billions of people will pass and leave behind a, possibly unseen, footprint. What a weird time to be alive.



  • Joey

    We definitely have learned what is and isn’t essential. At this point In history we do so much from home now, it won’t surprise me if it’s a more common thing going forward. We have also seen the darker side of humans and government the last few months. All of a sudden the “preppers” don’t seem so crazy. We seen some major stresses internationally too. I’m Canadian and we have seen some massive abuses of power, bit we are going into our first stage of opening up today! All I can say is look out for you family and neighbors, stayed prepared and act like it’s the eye of a hurricane. Maybe it’s over maybe it’s slowed but a little extra hand washing and re evaluation of what we consider a necessity, will probably do more good regardless. Cheers!

  • Sarah

    Definitely weird times !!
    I agree that the world we once knew will change forever. Especially now with companies realizing you CAN work from home, and even those companies would benefit from no overhead like utilities and rent. I think it’s a great thing and I hope it last.
    But more importantly is the fact that many small business (Salons, restaurants) won’t survive this pandemic and seems they didn’t get the financial relief promises/needed. So I’m definitely curious to see what happens post covid19.

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