Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ Page


We utilize the United States Postal Service and UPS. Toor Knives offers flat rate shipping for most orders based on order weight and destination.

We ship all around the world, please contact our customer service for more information or shipping issues.

Absolutely! We strive to get our blades out to those overseas as quickly as possible.

Our blades are guaranteed for life from any manufacturing defects or issues. Please reach out to our customer support team with any issues and we will take care of you.

We recommend you purchase our Worksharp Field Sharpener and start using the coarse
stone at a 25-30-degree angle. Then, move onto the fine stone on the reverse
side at the same exact angle.
To finish,
you must strop the blade edge using the leather strip on the side of sharpener.

Yes, this work will go through our custom shop, with a turn around time of about 6
weeks for a different handle.

Crucible Steel is made in the USA and considered a super steel with incredible
qualities. The application the blade is designed for ultimately dictates which
Crucible steel we use.